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The Code of Opposites-Book 1: A Sacred Guide to Playing with Power and Not Getting Burned
By Mahalene Louis with Michael Wolf
Health & Wellness, Self-Help


Do you have a communication issue? That is, you know what to do to be successful, but you just don’t want to do it? If language is the problem, it is also the solution. The Code of Opposites (TCO) introduces an idea whose time has come: a newly revealed metalanguage to feel the resistance, choose peace, and emPower the NOW.

Language is where your Power is. To transform, you must look at the story you tell. Activating a metalanguage – a language beyond all languages – allows you to track patterns, understand the purpose of your self-limiting creations, and be able to turn them off. Cracking this code reveals depths of meaning that animate the soul of all wisdom teachings. The codes are so awesome they naturally raise your vibrational field to the sense of enough by which to resonate with oneness. Radical? Crazy? You betcha! Especially as this ancient language that came back from the future renamed itself “S/Hebrew,” to sanctify the union of the feminine and the masculine.

Imagine yourself…
* Processing trauma by realizing that mysticism may just be the only proven track to healing.
* Having a unifying equation to explore the shadow, and stretch beyond fear into the sacred.
* Doing what it takes to raise your self-esteem, and trust yourself in your chosen calling.
* Moving out of “ScareCity” by being real enough to know what you want, and ask for it in such a way that you might receive it.

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The mission of The Code of Opposites is to heal our relationship to Power.
To do so, it reveals the force of a sacred language that guides us to the field in between, here to transcend our beliefs of right and wrong, and know in our blood that the divine has no religion and no elect. By becoming fluent in “God’s” language – in the paradox, feeling and sensing the all-pervading realities that beckon us now, we open to the Love that has no opposite, and experience Health in all levels of our communication.

Meet Mahalene Louis

Mahalene Louis is an uncanny artist and linguist. She taught herself to read and write as a 3-year-old. Her rare gift in languages gave her purpose, but it also split her from the world. It was heartbreaking to be at once tangibly approached by the divine, and reluctant to accept a call that meant being alone for the rest of her life. Time passed. She changed continents, learned English, and continued painting and writing. Books followed books. A pivotal moment occurred as she heard the talk of a Rinpoche. “If I followed the Buddhist way, I would feel like I’m betraying my own heritage.” The Teacher of Truth replied: “then it becomes your work to bring health to your tradition.” These words acted as a powerful reminder of the calling she heard as a child, and answer the following ad: WANTED: a symbologist to decode the soul of the Torah (the Five Books of Moses in their original version), and reveal that Hebrew is a metalanguage – a language beyond all languages – vibrating as the frequency of “enough.” Your job is to plunge into the darkness in order to reveal the light of a path that restores health in ALL levels of communication. JOB REQUIREMENTS: you are a child at “heART,” but also resilient enough to withstand great depths of ecstasy and agony until you can transmute these feelings into the wisdom of practicality. You are willing to see your ambitions tamed by dismal failure until you know it’s not about you. You are encrypted with a matrilinear Jewish DNA directly linked to Africa, the cradle of civilization, passionate about languages and well-traveled. You must be so “seriously” disembodied that your life will depend on your finding an authentic healing device. These “Powers;” she had. What she didn’t have was a choice. In times of great resistance, the universe would send “angels” to help her ground this mission impossible. Michael Wolf may just be the greatest angel. Just like her, he made it his work to evolve his heritage (Christianity) to a holistic level.

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